CleanUp 2019 – Presentations

Selected presentations of 8th International Contaminated Site Remediation Conference incorporating the 2nd International PFAS Conference that have author approval are available for download.

Paper code Abstract ID Paper title Authors
Session : — M11 — Plenary
M11b 630 From Crisis to Collaboration: The Evolution of South Australia’s Approach to Managing Legacy Site Contamination Tony Circelli
Session : — M21 — Recent Advances in the PFAS Science
Download M21a 112 SERDP/ESTCP Research on Emerging Contaminants Hans Stroo, Andrea Leeson
Download M21b 387 PFAS Research and Development: Overview of Key Issues and Technologies Charles J. Newell, David T. Adamson, Poonam R. Kulkarni, Linda Hall
Download M21c 428 State of the Science of the Fate and Transport of PFAS Ian T. Cousins
Download M21d 228 PFAS Remediation: Challenge and Options Cheng Fang, Megharaj Mallavarapu, Ravi Naidu
Session : — M22 — Advances in PFAS Remediation
Download M22a 399 In-situ PFAS Remediation Using Colloidal Activated Carbon Grant R. Carey, Anh Le-Tuan Pham, Seyfollah Gilak Hakimabadi, Rick McGregor, Brent Sleep
M22b 365 Occurrence, Distribution, Analysis, Toxicology and Remediation of Perfluorinated Pollutants in Germany Volker Birke, Thomas Straßburger, Stefan Schroers, Peer Hendrik Leßlich, Harald Burmeier, Lothar Vigelahn, Tamara Grummt, Alexander Eckhardt
M22c 180 Full Scale Treatment of PFAS Contaminated Soil in Sweden Helena Hinrichsen, Mats Nises
M22d 374 The Effect of pH and Ionic Strength on Sorption of PFOS Using Soils with Different TOC Yanju Liu, Fangjie Qi, Cheng Fang, Ravi Naidu, Luchun Duan, Rajarathnam Dharmarajan, Prasath Annamalai
M22e 253 PFAS Water Treatment Operating Under State Regulations — A Case Study Andrew Thomas
Download M22f 155 Innovative Waste Minimisation During PFAS Contaminated Water Remediation Steve Woodard, Mark Kuffer
Session : — M23 — National Remediation Framework
Download M23a 419 The National Remediation Framework for the Remediation and Management of Contaminated Sites in Australia (NRF) Bruce Kennedy, Kerry Scott, Joytishna Jit, Ravi Naidu
Download M23b 185 The National Remediation Framework — Implications Peter Nadebaum
Session : — M24 — Analytical Aspects of Assessment and Remediation of Contaminants
Download M24a 383 When Will a Leachate Sample Never Fail? Ross McFarland
M24b 116 Variability and Uncertainty Associated with Sampling, Analysis, and Risk Assessment Naji Akladiss
Download M24c 133 Performance of Analytical Methods Used for Measurement of Elements in Environmental Samples — Outcomes from Proficiency Testing Studies Luminita Antin, Jeffrey Merrick, Ian White
M24d 439 PFAS Analysis by LC-HRMS Eddie Wang, Feng Shi, Philip Williams, Bruce Chen
Download M24e 343 The Changes in Lead Speciation During Bioavailability Assessments Kaihong Yan, Ravi Naidu, Yanju Liu, Zhaomin Dong, M.A. Ayanka Wijayawardena, Yeling Li, Peter Sanderson, Hongbo Li
Session : — M25 — Sustainability and Sustainable Remediation (Sponsor: Ramboll)
Download M25a 372 Defining Sustainability and Resiliency in Remediation Design: Not an “And” versus “Or” Proposition Scott D. Warner, Christopher J. Ritchie
M25b 427 Sustainable Energy Generation by Utilising Organic Waste Jayant Keskar
Download M25c 141 Debunking Myths About Sustainable Remediation G.A. Kerrison, J.W.N. Smith
M25d 200 A Sustainable Alternative to Excavation of PFAS Source Areas Ian Ross, Jeffrey McDonough, Jake Hurst, Jonathan Miles, Danielle Toase, Jason Lagowski, Peter Storch
M25e 262 Phythomas to Bioenergy: A Promising Way to Utilize Different Effluents for Sustainable Energy Production Sonia Shilpi, Balaji Seshadri, Nanthi Bolan, Ravi Naidu
Session : — M26 — Application of Biochar and Other Advanced Materials in Environment
Download M26a 137 Enhanced Removal of Antibiotics and Herbicides from Aqueous Media Using Wood Based Colloidal Biochar Meththika Vithanage, Sammani Ramanayaka, Yohan Jayawardhana, Heshan Galagedara, Athula Wijayasinghe, Yong Sik Ok
Download M26b 412 Wastes to Resources: Biochar Application Modulates Soil Health and Fertility Nanthi Bolan
M26c 352 Zirconium-Modified Biochar for the Removal of Arsenic(V) from Aqueous Solution Md. Aminur Rahman, D.T. Lamb, Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman, Peter Sanderson, Md. Mezbaul Bahar, Md. Zahangir Hossain, Ravi Naidu
M26d 174 Production and Characterisation of Nutrient-Enriched Biochar Md. Zahangir Hossain, Md. Mezbaul Bahar, Binoy Sarkar, Scott W. Donne, D.T. Lamb, Nanthi Bolan
M26e 243 Perfluorooctyl Sulfonate (PFOS) Adsorption by Modified Sawdust, Redmud, and Red Mud-Sawdust Composite Materials from Aqueous Solution Masud Hassan, Yanju Liu, Ravi Naidu, Jianhua Du
M26f 108 Hierarchical Immobilization of nZVI onto Electrospun PVA-PAA Nanofiber Membrane for Groundwater Remediation Jiawei Ren, Leonard D. Tijing, Ho Kyong Shon
Session : — M27 — Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Contaminated Site Assessment, Remediation and Long Term Management
Download M27a 336 TCE Behaviour in the Adelaide Plains Mark Chapman, Tony Paparella
Download M27b 181 Multi-Stage Full Scale Remediation of Heavily Impacted Victorian Chlorinated Solvent Site Lyndon Bell, Richard Fassbender
M27c 131 Source Zone Treatment Using Enhanced in-situ Bioremediation for Chlorinated Ethenes Paul Nicholson, Julie Konzuk, Ebru Onder, Geoff Ellis
M27d 319 Integrated Site Assessment to Inform EISB Remediation of Chlorinated Solvents in a Sedimentary Aquifer Alessandro Sica, Andrew Labbett
Download M27e 179 Use of Multiple Lines of Evidence to Resolve the CSM for a Complex Groundwater TCE Distribution Rory Lane, Meredith Rasch
Session : — M31 — International Approaches to Managing PFAS
M31a 331 PFOS, PFOA and Other PFAS: A Focus on Canadian Guidelines and Guidance Darcy Longpré, Luigi Lorusso, Christine Levicki, Richard Carrier
Download M31b 402 The Evolution and Basis of PFAS Guidelines in The Netherlands, Their Consequences and a Reflection with International Guidance Tessa Pancras, Hans Slenders
Download M31c 332 Policy Aspects of Managing PFAS-Case Finland Jussi Reinikainen
M31d 310 The Evolution of Global Regulation for Per- and Poly-Fluorinated Alkyl Substances (PFAS) Ken Kiefer, Nanda Hermes, Andrea Herch, Jennifer Byrd
M31e 430 PFAS in Soil and Groundwater — Guidance for the Assessment and Remediation Measures in Germany Annegret Biegel-Engler, Joerg Frauenstein, Thomas Held, Michael Reinhard
Session : — M32 — Advances in PFAS Remediation
M32a 348 Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances and in-situ Microbial Populations Interactions at a Legacy Firefighting Training Area? Denis M. O’Carroll, Thomas C. Jeffries, Matthew Lee, Song Thao Le, Anna Yeung, Sarah Wallace, Nick Battye, Michael J. Manefield, Kela P. Weber
Download M32b 140 Biotransformation of Per- and Poly-Fluoroalkyl Substances in Soil Using Enhanced Bioremediation Methods John Stevanoni
M32c 330 Evaluating the Potential Use of Fluoro-Sorb 100 for PFAS in-situ Containment: A Laboratory Scale Study Antonios E. Alvertos, Michael S. Donovan, John M. Allen, Ash McCartney, Chadi S. El Mohtar
Download M32d 286 A Low-Waste Electrochemical Process for Removing PFAS from Water to Non-Detect Levels Brent Davey, Abbas Alghurabi, Elliott Lewis
Download M32e 325 Large Scale PFAS Remediation Progress at RAAF Base Williamtown, NSW, Australia Luke McLeod, Paul McCabe
M32f 111 VEG Technology for ex-situ Thermal Desorption of Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances Mehrdad Javaherian
Session : — M33 — Advances in the Measurement and Management of Ground Gases
Download M33a 366 Methane Detection Equivalency and Why Methane Matters in the Remediation Field: Guidance for Regulators and the Regulated Community Ona Papageorgiou, Marie Barnes, Nathan Putnam, Suzanne Hagell
M33b 213 Soil Gas Data Utilization: Italian Guidelines and the Risk-Net 3.1 Pro HHRA Software A. Girelli, Renato Baciocchi, Iason Verginelli
Download M33c 379 Diagnostic Tool for Methane Soil Gas Emission at Aged Hydrocarbon Fuel Contaminated Sites Dawit Bekele, Yanju Liu, Md. Mezbaul Bahar, Sreenivasulu Chadalavada, Ravi Naidu
Download M33d 284 Approaches to Modelling Vapour Intrusion in Wet Basement Construction Scenarios Victoria Lazenby
Download M33e 440 Multi-Dimensional Vapour Modeling for Assessing Vapour Risk at Hydrocarbon Contaminated Sites Aravind Unnithan, Dawit Bekele, Sreenivasulu Chadalavada, Ravi Naidu
Session : — M35 — Advances in Emerging Contaminants Other Than PFAS
M35a 354 Recent Innovations for in-situ and ex-situ Remediation Dan Bryant
Download M35b 311 How Compounds Become Identified as Emerging/New Contaminants, and the Implications for Stakeholders Nanda Hermes, Jennifer Byrd, Paulo Valle, Ken Kiefer, Lyn Denison
Download M35c 230 1,4-Dioxane Remediation in Groundwater-Technology Survey at Worldwide Sites William Gary Smith
Download M35d 237 Dioxins in the Sediments of Sydney Harbour: Potential for Bioremediation Keith Osborne, Casey O’Farrell, Gan Liang, Matthew Lee, Michael J. Manefield
Download M35e 196 Prioritising Emerging Contaminants — Hunter Water’s Research and Development Strategy Anna Lundmark, Zoe Rogers, Abigail Morrow, Megan Priestley
M35f 265 1,4-Dioxane as Co-Contaminant with Chlorinated Solvents, Consideration of Chemical Properties and Effective Remedial Solutions Wijnand Gemson, Ken Kiefer, Brendan M. Brodie, Paulo Valle, Olga Vounaki
Session : — M36 — Fractured Rocks: Characterisation and Remediation
Download M36a 390 Exploring Fractured Rock Cleanup Using Data Mining and a New Remediation Model Charles J. Newell, Shahla K. Farhat, Travis M. McGuire
Download M36b 127 Advances in the Use of LNAPL Tracer Dyes for Remediation Characterisation in Fractured Basalt Keith Maxfield
M36c 295 The Fate of Coal Tar in the Hawkesbury Sandstone — Implications for Remediation and Validation of Gasworks Sites Sarah Eccleshall, Emmylou Cooke, John Hunt
M36d 146 Using Multiple Lines of Evidence to Characterise DNAPL Impacts in a Fractured Basalt, Former Fitzroy Gasworks Remediation Project Claire Miller, Adam Bradley
M36f 144 Permeable Reactive Barrier in a Fractured Rock Aquifer — Hydraulic Interactions and Influence of Construction Methodology Dana Windle, Andrew Gray, Tamie Weaver, Darren Reedy, Andrew Hunt, Akke Ward, Camillo Coladonato
M36g 212 Evolving CSMs in Fractured Rock: A Case Study of What We Know (and What We Think We Know) Jonathan Ho
Session : — M37 — Assessment, Remediation and Management of Volatile Compounds
M37a 211 Dynamic and Static Flux Chambers for Different Applications at Contaminated Sites Iason Verginelli, Renato Baciocchi
Download M37b 346 In-situ Chemical Oxidation: Improving the State of Practice from Various Site Experiences Brendan M. Brodie, Tim Pac
Download M37c 177 Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Source Investigations by Soil Vapour Screening — A Case Study Meredith Rasch, Rory Lane
Download M37d 231 Background VOC Concentrations in Indoor and Outdoor Ambient Air in Australia — Information to Evaluate and Interpret Vapour Intrusion Risks Adrian Heggie, Bianca Shnaiderman, Matthew Miklos
M37e 201 Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination for a Chlorinated Hydrocarbons Impacted Active Site Lorenzo Sacchetti, Jordi Aragones
Session : — M41 — Sampling, Behaviour and Characterisation of PFAS
M41a 126 PFAS Occurrence in Vermont — A Summary of Results for Vermont’s Comprehensive Multi-Media Sampling Program Richard Spiese
Download M41b 259 AFFF — Methods for Product Sampling Matthew Colthorpe, Kathryn East, Peter Lavelle, Ken Kiefer
Download M41c 429 Soil Injection of Liquid Biosolids: Tracking the PFAS Threat in Groundwater, Soil and Forage Sorghum Aravind Surapaneni, Balaji Seshadri, James Hampton, Graeme Short, Peter Uren, Chris Hetherington, Megharaj Mallavarapu
Download M41d 159 What is Really in Aqueous Film Forming Foam and Does it Matter? Mike Nicklesen, Steve Woodard
Download M41e 183 PFAS Composition in Surface Water Ecologies Arising from Legacy Use of AFFF Firefighting Foams Andrew S. Mitchell, Karl C. Bowles
Session : — M42 — Advances in PFAS Remediation
Download M42a 356 Transport and Remediation of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in the Subsurface Kurt Pennell, Jed Costanza, Chen Lui, Masoud Arshadi, Changwoo Kim, Jason Hnatko, Natalie Capiro, John Fortner, Linda Abriola
Download M42b 171 Assessing a Novel Media for Reducing PFAS Migration via Stormwater Systems Nick Marquez, Rebecca Valkan
Download M42c 208 Firefighting Foam Transition to Fluorine Free — Is it Plug and Play? Peter Storch, Ian Ross, Justin Morris, Tom Statham
Download M42d 158 PFAS Removal from a Drinking Water Supply Dale Wynkoop, Skefos Tsoukalis
Download M42e 313 Development of Advanced Chemical Treatment for PFAS in Co-Contaminated Groundwater Scott A. Grieco, Jessica H. Person, Laura Cook, Doug Gustafson
Download M42f 156 Source Removal Combined with Drinking Water Treatment on a PFAS-Contaminated Groundwater Steve Woodard, Marilyn Sinnett
Session : — M43 — Green Approaches to Managing Wastes
Download M43a 186 A Bio-Phytoremediation Trial of Surge Basin Sludge from a Victorian Paper Mill Philip Mulvey, Candan Desem, Tien Ngo, Esmaeil Shahsavari, Andrew S. Ball
M43b 236 Reuse of Soil Contaminated from a Tyre Fire Lyn Denison, Keisuke Nakayama, Eugenia Balanova, Lisa Thomson
Download M43c 220 Risk-Based Decision Making to Avoid Waste, Save Public Money and Allow Beneficial Use of Water Treatment Residuals Graeme Miller, Dainis Skabe
Download M43d 241 Microalgae-Bacteria Consortia for Nutrients Removal in Wastewater Isiri A. Perera, Suresh R. Subashchandrabose, Ravi Naidu, Megharaj Mallavarapu
Download M43f 424 Effect of Liquid Injection of Biosolids on Groundwater and Soil Properties Balaji Seshadri, Aravind Surapaneni, James Hampton, Graeme Short, Peter Uren, Chris Hetherington, Matthew Currell
M43g 609 Biomass High Temperature and High Efficiency Combustion Technology Bo Xiao, Jinbo Wang, Jiakuan Yang, Jianfen Li, Xun Wang, Dabin Guo
Session : — M44 — Landfill Evaluation, Capping and Management
Download M44a 315 PFAS Impacts on Solids Waste Landfills Scott A. Grieco
Download M44b 121 John Mathwin Reserve, Kauri Parade, Seacliff Park, SA — Auditing Transformation from Landfill to Community and Sporting Precinct Adrian Hall, Dilara Valiff
Download M44c 631 Assessment of Options for Reuse or Disposal of Soils Contaminated with PFAS — An Evaluation of the Australian Standard Leaching Procedure (ASLP) Andrew S. Mitchell, Karl C. Bowles
M44d 272 Residential Development on a Landfill — A Western Australian Case Study Stuart Thurlow, Charlie Barber
Download M44e 320 Landfill Mining to Transform a Former Dump into Usable Land: Ground-Breaking Gas Vapour Investigation, Remediation & Validation Martin Kelly, Chris Sordy, Nick Cowman
Download M44f 359 Relative Performance of Composite Liners (HDPE + GCL) in Containing Landfill Leachate Patrick Ndere
Session : — M45 — Microplastics: A New Threat to Environment
Download M45a 101 Ecotoxicity of Particulate Plastics in Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems Nanthi Bolan, Lauren Bradney, Hasintha Wijesekara
Download M45b 509 Polymer and Polymer Waste Management Kenneth S. Sajwan
Download M45c 341 Microplastics: An Analytical Perspective Bob Symons, Edward Nagul, Darren Robey
Download M45d 229 Micro-Plastic Detection, Identification and Visualisation Cheng Fang, Megharaj Mallavarapu, Ravi Naidu
M45e 264 The Toxicity Effect of Microplastic Vector for PFOS and PFOA on Earthworm Zahra Sobhani, Cheng Fang, Megharaj Mallavarapu
Session : — M46 — Dealing with Mixed Contaminants
M46a 435 Ecotoxicity and Bioavailability of Mix Contaminants: Implications to Bioremediation Megharaj Mallavarapu, Ravi Naidu
M46b 294 Mixed Contamination (Including PFAS) Assessment and Management at a Zinc Galvanising Plant Alice Walker, Andre Smit, Joshua Nolan, Faraz Alam
Download M46c 250 Validating Bioaccessibility Tests for Assessing Contaminants in Mixed Contaminated Soils M.A. Ayanka Wijayawardena, Kaihong Yan, Yanju Liu, Ravi Naidu
Download M46d 269 Ecotoxicity Modelling: Competitive, Multi-Species and Other Models for Terrestrial Environments D.T. Lamb, Liang Wang, Sedigheh Abbasi, Peter Sanderson, M. Kader, Megharaj Mallavarapu, Ravi Naidu
M46e 223 Pilot Scale Thermal Remediation of Different Mercury Species and a Mix of Pesticides Niels Ploug, Søren Eriksen, Jesper Holm, Jacob Brix
Download M46f 210 Immobilization of Cd and As by Apatite Converted from Microbial Induced Calcium Carbonate Shijun Wu, Maolin Wang, Fanrong Chen, Yongqiang Yang
Session : — M47 — Gasworks Site Assessment and Remediation
M47a 161 Case Study: Remediation in the Big City. Barangaroo and the Challenges Jessica Hannaford
Download M47b 277 Legacy Contamination to Remediation — Managing Approvals and Expectations on a Former Gasworks Site Jarrod Irving
M47c 407 Remediation of PAHs Contamination in an Aged Gasworks Site Soil Using Surfactant and Oxidants Monica Esposito, Luchun Duan, Cheng Fang, Dawit Bekele, Ravi Naidu
Download M47d 321 Treatment of Heavily Impacted Groundwater from Former Millers Point Gasworks Sagar Adhikari, Nick Cowman
M47e 235 Can the Gastrointestinal Mobilisation of PAH Non-extractable Residues from Soils Result in Unacceptable Cancer Risks? Anthony C. Umeh, Luchun Duan, Monica Esposito, Ravi Naidu, Kirk T. Semple
M47f 150 Remediation by Permanganate in-situ Chemical Oxidation of a Manufactured Gas Plant Site Impacted by Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) Lorenzo Sacchetti, Jordi Aragones
M47g 254 A Novel Framework to Identify, Predict and Improve the Efficiency of Bioremediation Ramesha H. Jayaramaiah, Eleonora Egidi, Catriona A. Macdonald, Thomas C. Jeffries, Megharaj Mallavarapu, Brajesh K. Singh
Session : — T11 — PLENARY SESSION
Download T11b 518 Emerging Issues in Dealing with Contaminated Sites in Australia Peter Nadebaum
Session : — T21 — PFAS Risk Assessment, Management and Mitigation
Download T21a 113 Toxicology, Risk Assessment, and Risk Management of PFAS: State of the Science Jason Conder, Jennifer Arblaster, Emily Larson
Download T21b 414 PFAS — The Forever Chemical Global Risk and Emerging Concerns Jimmy Seow
Download T21c 285 Assessing Exposure to PFAS Precursors Victoria Lazenby
T21d 182 Fate and Transport of PFAS in an Arid Setting Alice Walker, Mark Clough, Peter Nadebaum, Jacqui Hallchurch
Download T21e 289 Whisk Assessment: PFAS Stock Watering Screening Levels to Protect People Consuming Home Produced Chicken Eggs Katie Richardson, Kristi Hanson, Michael Rehfisch
Download T21f 308 Assessing Confirmed PFAS Exposure Pathways to Inform Mitigation Julian Howard, Krystle Mitchell
Session : — T22 — Legal Responses to Site Contamination Issues
Download T22a 291 Lessons Learnt in Environmental Auditing Jean-Paul Pearce
T22b 147 Consultant Liability — The Truth About Being Sued Sarah Mansfield
Download T22c 266 By the Letter of the Law — Preparing for When Consulting Goes to Court Emmylou Cooke, Andre Smit
T22d 410 The Effect on Market Value of Contamination: The 2019 Alexandria Landfill Decision and the Role of Experts and Consultants in Valuing Contaminated Land Anneliese Korber
T22e 145 Principle-Based Regulation in Victoria — Implications of the Environment Protection Amendment Act 2018 for the Regulation and Clean Up of Contaminated Sites Mark Beaufoy
Session : — T23 — Metals, Metalloids and Radionuclides
T23a 225 Why Site Characterisation is Important — Case Study of an Australian Legacy Low Level Radioactive Waste Site Timothy E. Payne
T23b 260 Assessment, Remediation and Management of Lead Tailings at Northampton Western Australia — A Legacy of Mining Peter Beck, Jon Cramer
Download T23c 184 In the Cross Hairs: A Regulator’s Perspective of Shooting Range Contamination Matt Baronio, Scott Jones, Julia Caluzzi
T23d 340 Arsenate in Phosphorus Sensitive Plants Sedigheh Abbasi, D.T. Lamb, Zahra Sobhani, Md. Aminur Rahman, Ravi Naidu, Megharaj Mallavarapu
Download T23e 376 Orica Botany — Mercury Containment by Cut-Off Wall Using CSM Equipment Russell Denny, Lech Wypych, Peter O. Dea
Download T23f 394 Rice Growth and Soil Enzyme Activities in Cadmium (Cd) Contaminated Inceptisol Manoj Shrivastava, Ashish Khandewal, Akansha Srivastav, S.D. Singh
Session : — T24 — Risk Assessment, Management and Communication
T24a 434 Health Implications of Food Contaminants: Geochemical and Environmental Pollutants Ming Hung Wong
T24b 154 Application of Risk Assessment to Manage Petroleum Hydrocarbon Impacts at an Operating Terminal Atul M. Salhotra
Download T24c 316 Chronic Effects of ZnO Nanoparticles to Earthworm, Eisenia fetida Chamila Samarasinghe Vidane Arachchige, Kannan Krishnan, Robert John Aitken, Ravi Naidu, Megharaj Mallavarapu
Download T24d 400 Towards the Development of an Australian Human-Health Screening Criteria for TCE in Groundwater Anand P. Chandra, Robert P. DeMott
Download T24e 421 Australia’s Risk-Based Approach Joytishna Jit, Bruce Kennedy, Ravi Naidu
T24f 317 Application of Rapid Risk Assessment to Drive Interim Clean-Up for Abandoned Mine Sites Christian Wallis, John Frangos, H. Mikkonen, Russell Merz, Antti Mikkonen
Session : — T25 — Advances in Permeable Reactive Barriers Technology
Download T25a 364 Assessment and Selection of Various Technical Grades Zero Valent Irons for Remediation of Chlorinated Ethenes for Validating the Efficacy of Rheine Site Permeable Reactive Barrier, Germany Volker Birke, Rahul Singh, Lothar Vigelahn, Sumedha Chakma, Christine Schuett, Harald Burmeier
Download T25b 214 ZVI Horizontal Permeable Reactive Barriers for the Treatment of Chlorinated Solvents Vapors Daniela Zingaretti, Iason Verginelli, Renato Baciocchi
T25c 175 Performance of a ZVI-Based Permeable Reactive Barrier for Abiotic Degradation of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Groundwater Andrew Gray, Andrew Hunt, Akke Ward, Dana Windle, Darren Reedy, Camillo Coladonato
T25d 432 Field Trial for Soil Mix Permeable Reactive Barrier in Land Remediation: Execution and Early Age Monitoring Ziyad Abunada, Abir Al-Tabbaa
Session : — T26 — ACLCA Session on Young Professionals
T26b 600 Isotopic Analysis to Differentiate Ground-Gas Sources on a Contaminated Site Nicholas Grbich
T26c 601 Redeveloping Landfill Potentially Impacted by Mixed Contamination, Acacia Ridge, Brisbane Emma Cornish, Andrew Howes, Greg Whitmore
T26d 602 Installation and Validation of Crawl Space Ventilation and Sub Slab Depressurization Systems for Mitigation of TCE Vapour Intrusion David Butterfield, Rory Lane, Paul Nicholson
T26e 603 Are Microbes Fussy Eaters with Sophisticated Palates — Or is There a Case for Natural Source Zone Depletion at Dense Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid Impacted Sites? Matthew Russ
Download T26f 604 A Case Study in the Transfer of Site Leaseholders and the Impacts of Conflicting Regulatory Frameworks on Contaminated Sites Investigation Dylan Pritchard
Session : — T31 — PFAS Risk Assessment, Management and Mitigation
Download T31a 139 Exposure Pathways for PFASs and Other Persistent Chemicals in Biota Rainer Lohmann
Download T31b 165 Application of Soil Amendments for Reducing PFAS Exposure and Bioavailability Albert L. Juhasz, Richard Stewart
T31c 170 Site-Specific Investigation Levels for PFOS and PFOA in Soil S. Wood, Ken Kiefer, Kylie Dodd
Download T31d 342 What Does Exceedance of a Toxicity Reference Value Really Mean? Case Study: PFOS Tarah Hagen, Giorgio De Nola, Anthony Lane
Download T31e 608 Remediation of PFAS Impacted Water at Fire Fighting Training Site Using OCRA Technology David M. Hunter, Thavamani Palanisami, Michael Dickson, Richard Bush, Geoffrey Evans
Download T31f 363 Efficient Sorptive Removal of PFOS by Layered Double Hydroxides: Kinetic and Isotherm Study Xin Song, Zhihao Hu
Session : — T32 — Advances in Nanotechnology in Contamination Assessment and Remediation
Download T32a 109 Fate and Transport of Nano Zero-Valent Iron for Arsenic Remediation in Subsurface Environment and its Potential Environmental Risks Zhigang Yu, Irene M.C. Lo
Download T32b 138 Adsorptive Removal of Oxytetracycline Antibiotic in Aqueous Media Using Halloysite Nanoclay Sammani Ramanayaka, Meththika Vithanage, Binoy Sarkar, Yong Sik Ok
T32c 251 Interactions Between Nanoparticles and Flame Retardants in Wastewater Treatment Aggregates Anwar Ul Haq Khan, Yanju Liu, Ravi Naidu, Rajarathnam Dharmarajan, Cheng Fang
T32d 345 Smectite-Supported Nano Zero Valent Iron for Arsenic Removal from Water: Kinetics and Effect of pH Kh. Ashraf Uz-Zaman, Bhabananda Biswas, Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman, Ravi Naidu
T32e 398 Interactions of Surface Activated Halloysite Nanotube with Imidacloprid Md. Nuruzzaman, Yanju Liu, Ravi Naidu
T32f 166 Removal of Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) from Contaminated Water by Cobalt Zinc Ferrites (Co0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4) Nanocrystals Sudeep Shukla, Prem Gupta, Deepika Pandey, Shruti Dutta, Preeti Thakur, Atul Thakur
Session : — T33 — LNAPL Natural Source Zone Depletion
T33a 263 Managing LNAPL Sites with Natural Source Zone Depletion — When is it the Right Path? Andre Smit, Matt Rousseau, Peter Nadebaum, Therese Hammond
Download T33b 351 Natural Source Zone Depletion (NSZD) Assessment of a Complex Site Using CO2 Efflux Method G. Cozens, J. Duran, I. Hers, J. Rayner, M. Donn
Download T33c 267 What Lies Beneath? High Resolution Site Characterisation Tools Used to Develop LNAPL Conceptual Site Models Scott Robinson, Daniel Der Tateossian, Chris Arends
T33d 248 Natural Source Zone Depletion Assessment Using Soil Flux Data — Passive Flux Trap versus Static Flux Box Methods Bobby Wang, Danny McDonald
Download T33e 329 The Use of Natural Source Zone Depletion (NSZD) as a Valid Approach to Achieve Closure of an Active LNAPL Recovery System Ruben Espinosa, David Alcalde
Download T33f 163 Benefits of a Multiple Lines of Evidence Approach for NSZD Steven Gaito, Jonathon Smith, Brad Koons
Session : — T34 — Risk Assessment, Management and Communication
Download T34a 510 Risk Communication — An Empirical Canon Paul Nathanail
Download T34b 357 Guidance for Assessing the Ecological Risks of Threatened and Endangered Species at Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF)-Impacted Sites Jason Conder, Jennifer Arblaster, Emily Larson, Juliane Brown, Christopher Higgins
T34c 128 Communication Pitfalls in Large Scale Projects Shandel Coleman, Charlie Barber
T34d 381 A Risk Based Approach for the Management of Disused Railway Sleepers Dawit Bekele, Zhaomin Dong, Yanju Liu, Jianhua Du, Md. Mezbaul Bahar, Prashant Srivastava, Ravi Naidu
T34e 333 Inhalation Bioaccessibility of Metal(loid)s in Dust from Mine Impacted Soil Peter Sanderson, D.T. Lamb, Ravi Naidu
Download T34f 247 Beryllium Sorption to Sandy Soil at a Legacy Waste Site Md. Rashidul Islam, Peter Sanderson, Ravi Naidu, Mathew P. Johansen, Timothy E. Payne
Session : — T35 — International Approaches to Managing Contaminated Environments
T35a 160 Overview of Environmental Contamination Issues in Africa: From Policy, Risk and Remediation Perspectives Lucian Obinnaya Chukwu
T35b 511 Indian Approach to Managing Contaminated Environments Sudeep Shukla, Shruti Dutta, Deepika Pandey
Download T35c 431 Environmental Pollution and Remediation Strategies in Pakistan Hafiz Naeem Asghar, Zahir Ahmad Zahir, Muhammad Javed Akhtar
T35d 425 Presence of Multiple Pollutants in the Environment: Bangladesh Perspectives Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman, Ravi Naidu
T35e 514 Sri Lanka’s Approach on Managing the Contaminated Environments Meththika Vithanage
Session : — T36 — Bioavailability of Contaminants
Download T36a 405 The Importance of Bioaccessibility Testing for Metal(loids) in Soil at Contaminated Sites Mark Cave, M.A. Ayanka Wijayawardena, Ravi Naidu
T36b 442 Challenges Associated with Assessing the Relative Oral Bioavailability of Organic Chemicals for Use in Human Health Risk Assessment Yvette W. Lowney, Luchun Duan, Ravi Naidu
T36c 408 Influence of Soil Carbon and Carbonaceous Amendments on the Bioavailability of Benzo[a]pyrene in Soils Luchun Duan, Ravi Naidu
T36d 278 Using Arsenic Site-Specfic Bioaccessibility in Soils to Refine Remedial Targets Kathleen Prohasky, Lyn Denison, Ken Kiefer
T36e 255 Element Mobilization and Bioavailability During Weathering and Soil Formation Deepika Pandey
Session : — T41 — PFAS Toxicity, Health Risks, Fate and Transport
T41a 438 Adverse Health Effects of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Christopher Lau
Download T41b 606 In-Situ Lock Down of PFAS — Case Study: Science Underpinning Sustainable Risk-Based Management Ravi Naidu, Kaihong Yan, Sreenivasulu Chadalavada, Dawit Bekele, Luchun Duan, Yanju Liu
T41c 443 Towards Understanding the Relationship Between PFAS Sorption-Desorption and Soil Properties Anthony C. Umeh, Sonia Shilpi, Ravi Naidu, Sreenivasulu Chadalavada, D.T. Lamb, Luchun Duan, Yanju Liu, Dawit Bekele
T41d 300 Progressing the Practice of Evaluating Ambient Background PFAS H. Mikkonen, Antti Mikkonen, Christian Wallis, S.-Y. Chiang
T41e 409 Investigating Fate and Transport of PFAS’ Mixtures in the Vadose Zone at Contaminated Site Dawit Bekele, Yanju Liu, Anthony C. Umeh, Jianhua Du, Sreenivasulu Chadalavada, Mark Donaghey, Ravi Naidu
T41f 517 Data Derived Extrapolation Factors for Developmental Toxicity: A Preliminary Research Case Study with Perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) Michael L. Dourson, Bernard Gadagbui, Chijioke Onyema, Patricia M. McGinnis, Raymond G. York
Session : — T42 — Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminated Site Assessment, Remediation and Management
Download T42a 347 Confirming in-situ Benzene Biodegradation Under Anaerobic Conditions Using Stable Isotope Probing Dora Taggart, Kate Clark, Karen Hebbard
T42b 306 Are You Drinking Benzene? Impact on Potable Water Pipes in Solvent-Contaminated Sites Jean Meaklim
Download T42c 268 More from Less? Can Missing Data be Extrapolated to Overcome Data Gaps in Plume Stability Assessments? Scott Robinson, Daniel Der Tateossian
T42d 193 Insights into the Oxidation Kinetics and Mechanism of Diesel Hydrocarbons by Ultrasound Activated Persulfate in a Soil System Yongjia Lei, Yu Tian, Cheng Fang, Ravi Naidu
Download T42e 143 A Universal Calibration Model for In-Field FTIR Measurement of Petroleum Contaminated Soil Sean Manning, Tao Zhang, Andrew Toop, Richard Stewart
T42f 337 Polar Metabolites in Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contaminated Groundwater: Allium cepa Cyto- & Genotoxicity Assay Logeshwaran Panneerselvan, Megharaj Mallavarapu, Sreenivasulu Chadalavada, Ravi Naidu
Session : — T43 — Recent Advances in Site Characterisation
Download T43a 370 The Use of Adaptive Management and High-Resolution Site Characterization to Advance Closure of Sites with Large, Dilute Plumes Ryan A. Wymore, Nathan Smith, Michael B. Smith, Tamzen Macbeth
Download T43b 375 Advancing Site Characterisation by Assembling Multiple Contemporary and Historical Data Sources John Lee, Peter A. Rodgers, Howard D. Waldron
T43c 297 Case Study: Real Time Assessment of Remote Multi-Sensitive Sites Using Portable XRF and Mobile Data Capture Technologies Freya Amon, Christian Wallis, Andrew Barker
Download T43d 418 One Dimensional Groundwater Elevation Prediction Model Stefan Charteris
T43e 273 Changes in Land Use Pattern Using Remote Sensing in and Around Faridabad District, Haryana, India Over Last Four Decades Shruti Dutta, Koorapati Kirtana
T43f 344 Drinking Water Quality from an Arsenic Contaminated District, Bangladesh: Human Health Risk Md. Aminur Rahman, D.T. Lamb, Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman, Peter Sanderson, Md. Mezbaul Bahar, Ravi Naidu
Session : — T44 — Approaches to Prevention of Contamination
Download T44a 117 A Regulators Perspective on Preventative Based Clean Up Kristin Wasley, Barbara Schulz
Download T44b 172 A New Environment Protection Act for Victoria — Implications Robyn Madsen, Peter Nadebaum
T44c 326 The Impact of Climate Evolution on Contaminated Groundwater Resources: Solving a Solvable Human and Ecological Health Crisis in the Making Scott D. Warner
T44d 350 Use of Environmental Control Enclosures to Manage VOC Emissions for Remediation Projects — What is Best Practice? John Hunt, Mark Bennett, Adam Fletcher, Campbell McNiven, Ryan Morrish, William Taggart
T44e 192 A Comparison of Treatment Methods for PFAS Impacted Concrete: Results from Laboratory and Field Trials Danielle Toase, Jason Lagowski, Ian Ross, Peter Storch, Tom Statham
Session : — T45 — Assessment, Remediation and Management of Contaminated Wastewater and Surface Water
T45a 190 Fate and Transport of PFASs in Surface Waters and Sediments: Potential for Long Range Transport? Ian Ross, Jonathan Miles, Danielle Toase, Peter Storch
T45b 309 Derivation of Water Quality Guideline Value for Marine Discharge of Monoethylene Glycol Vida Maulina, Lisa Thomson, Ken Kiefer
T45c 406 Adsorption of Pb(II) in Wastewater by Modified Iron Ore Tailings Yongliang Chen, Jinyang Du, Yanju Liu, Ravi Naidu
T45d 239 Adsorption and Co-Precipitation of Cobalt on Biomass Manganese Oxide James O’Connor, Kato Tomoaki, Toshihiko Ohnuki
Download T45e 391 Assessment of Physico-Chemical Properties of Soil and Groundwater Pollution with Post Methanated Distillery Effluent Irrigation in Western Uttar Pradesh of India Uday Pratap Shahi, Ashok Kumar, B.P. Dhyani
T45f 353 UST’s Catch Basin Inserts — A Revolution in “at Source” Stormwater Quality Improvement Craig Rothleitner, Robert Humphries
Session : — T46 — Adverse Impacts of Agriculture on Soil, Water and Food Quality
Download T46a 245 Arsenic in Rice from Bangladesh: Geographical Variation, Potential Cancer Risk and Mitigation Options Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman, Shofiqul Islam, Ravi Naidu
T46b 322 Effect of Zinc and Cadmium on Hydroponically Grown Mungbean Varieties Md. Harunur Rashid, Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman, Ravi Naidu
T46c 270 Are Root Elongation Assays Suitable for Establishing Metallic Anion Ecotoxicity Thresholds? Marjana Yeasmin, D.T. Lamb, Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman, Ravi Naidu
T46d 129 Application of Data-Driven Prediction Models for Modeling Seawater Intrusion in Aquifers Alvin Lal, Bithin Datta
Download T46e 238 Geographical Variation of Cadmium Distribution in Rice from Bangladesh: A Market Basket Survey Syfullah Shahriar, Mohammad Mahmudur Rahman, Ravi Naidu
Download T46f 393 Addition of Organic Matter Can Reduce Arsenic Uptake in Wheat Jajati Mandal, Anshuman Kohli, Akanksha, Preety Bala Kumari
T46g 433 Effect of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on Nutrient Content of Finger Millet Under Zinc Contamination Deeksha Krishna, H.K. Sachan
Session : — W11 — Plenary Session
W11b 626 Nature Based Solutions to Climate Change: Evidence from Africa and Asia Pushpam Kumar
Session : — W21 — PFAS Analysis and Measurement
Download W21a 369 Analysis of Emerging PFAS Contaminants Using High Resolution Accurate Mass Spectrometry Bob Symons, Jonathon Angell, Jack Thompson
Download W21b 164 PFAS Top Assay Interlaboratory Study — Supporting Analytical Laboratories Raluca Iavetz, Mark Lewin, Geoff Morschel, Danny Slee, Cheryl Lim, Annette Nolan, Charles Grimison, Marc Centner, Steven McGrath, Bob Symons
Download W21c 167 Improving Measurement Reliability of the PFAS Top Assay Annette Nolan, Charles Grimison, Raluca Iavetz, Danny Slee, Cheryl Lim, Marc Centner, Steven McGrath, Bob Symons, Karl C. Bowles
W21d 275 Fact Check: Do Laboratory Methods Really Affect the Quality of PFAS Data? Giorgio De Nola, Tarah Hagen, Anthony Lane
W21e 314 Application and Confirmation of Total Oxidizable Precursors Assay (TOPA) to Monitor PFAS with a Portable Reading Kit Md. Al Amin, Zahra Sobhani, Yanju Liu, Rajarathnam Dharmarajan, Ravi Naidu, Cheng Fang
W21f 605 Balancing Regulatory PFAS Quantification with Emerging PFAS Identification Using LC-MS/MS and LC-Q/TOF Tarun Anumol, James Pyke, Hui Zhao, Jerry Zweigenbaum
Session : — W22 — Challenges with PFAS Remediation and Management
W22a 292 Bench-Scale Evaluation of Flocculant Technology for Treating PFAS-Contaminated Water Kent Sorenson, Charles Schaefer, Dung Nguyen, Christopher Higgins, Sarah Mass, Andrew Maizel, Youn Jeong Choi
Download W22b 301 Quick & Dirty? Mobility of PFAS in Ground and Surface Water — A Four Site Case Study Christopher Sandiford, Bradly Clarke
Download W22c 281 Logistical Challenges Transporting PFAS Impacted Soils from a Remote Location to Victoria for Thermal Treatment Andrew Thomas
Download W22d 168 A Novel Approach to Prioritising PFAS Source Zones for Remedial Action Using a Broad Scale Mass Contribution Assessment Gemma Wakefield, Rachael Wall, Jonathan Medd, Ken De Greene
Download W22e 232 Derivation and Selection of Aquatic PFOS Screening Levels for Site Investigations Heather A. Lanza, Kylie Dodd, Peter Nadebaum, Jill Woodworth
W22f 335 Does Agricultural Land Contaminated by PFAS Need Management? Antti Mikkonen, Jen Martin, Robert McKenzie, Roger Drew, Clare Death, David Champness, Michael Roberts
Session : — W23 — Innovative in-situ and ex-situ Remediation Technologies
Download W23a 396 Optimisation of Integrated and Adaptive Remediation Design and Operations Scheduling Larry M. Deschaine, Metin Ozbek
W23b 384 Advances in Horizontal Remediation Wells: The HRX Well Dan Ombalski, Michael Lubrecht, Craig E. Divine
Download W23c 373 ISCO in Australia: What is the State of the Art? Denton Mauldin
Download W23d 176 Radio Frequency Heating for in-situ Thermal Treatment of Ethylene Dichloride and 1,1,2-Trichloroethane in Groundwater Andrew Gray, Andrew Hunt, Joe Fiacco, Darren Reedy, Cole Pearson, Camillo Coladonato, Jeb Rong, Ray Kasevich, John McTigue
Download W23e 123 The Horizontal Reactive Media Treatment Well (HRX Well) for Passive in-situ Remediation: Design, Implementation, and Field Demonstration Craig E. Divine, Peter Storch, Jesse Wright, Jack Wang, Jesse Hinkle, Jeffrey McDonough, Michelle Crimi, J.F. Devlin, Michael Lubrecht, Dan Ombalski, Kathleen Gerber
Session : — W24 — Advances in Vapour Intrusion and Volatiles Assessment, Management and Remediation
W24a 153 Use of Sub-Slab Soil Vapor Concentrations to Estimate Indoor Air Inhalation Risk Using the Vapor Cloud Model Atul M. Salhotra
W24b 386 Efficient Vapor Intrusion Investigations in Large Manufacturing Buildings Heather V. Rectanus, Todd Creamer
Download W24c 169 An Algorithm for Creating Reasonable Worst Case Exposure Maps for Vapour Intrusion Screening R.A. Evans, Ian M. Delaere, Kateryna Babina
W24d 173 Volatile Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Vapour Intrusion — Establishing a Basis for Public Health Action for Trichloroethene Ian M. Delaere, David L. Simon, R.A. Evans, Kateryna Babina, Chris Lease
Session : — W25 — Assessment and Remediation of Organic Contaminants
W25a 287 Field Pilot Studies for in-situ Stabilisation/Solidification (ISS) of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Sediments in Kendall Bay, Sydney, New South Wales (NSW), Australia Matthew Clutterham, Nathan Sparke, Phil Hutson, Christopher Robb, Dogus Meric
W25b 130 Photolytic Degradation of Betrixaban in Aqueous Solutions Tahereh Jasemi Zad, Lokesh P. Padhye
Download W25c 368 OHS&E Planning of PFAS Investigation Programs: Are All Sunscreens the Same? Are We Missing Something? Antti Mikkonen, Freya Amon, R. Poole, H. Mikkonen, John Frangos, Christian Wallis
Download W25d 288 Taming the Shrew: Refining PFAS Rehabilitation Goals by Understanding Your Impacts and Your Ecosystem Katie Richardson, Michael Rehfisch, Phoebe Hopkins
Download W25e 302 Occurrence and Distribution of Oxygenated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (oxy-PAHs) in Soils of an Australian Industrial City Oluyoye Idowu, Kirk T. Semple, Thavamani Palanisami
W25f 240 Sorption and Desorption Behaviour of 2,4-D in Nine Selected Urban Soils of Australia Md. Meftaul Islam, Rajarathnam Dharmarajan, Megharaj Mallavarapu
W25g 307 Evaluation of Genotoxicity of Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS) to Allium cepa L. Anithadevi Kenday Sivaram, Logeshwaran Panneerselvan, Ravi Naidu, Megharaj Mallavarapu
Session : — W26 — Asbestos and Other Emerging Contaminants
W26a 437 Human Exposure to Emerging Environmental Chemicals: A Comprehensive Analysis in Indoor Dust Kurunthachalam Kannan
Download W26b 328 Innovative Scalable Approaches for the Assessment and Remediation of Asbestos-In-Soil (ASBINS) Ross McFarland, Marc Wydro, Sam Mitchell
W26c 206 An Adaptive Approach to Community Engagement to Manage Legacy Asbestos Contamination in a Residential Setting Hamish Campbell, Michelle Battam
Download W26d 124 Community Scale Asbestos Remediation Using Digital Data Capture Tools Ashton Betti
Download W26e 194 Bioburden of Dioxin-Like Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) in a Tropical Creek: Health Risk Implications Amii Usese, Maureen Onyinye Egbuatu, Lucian Obinnaya Chukwu
Download W26f 415 Not in Our Backyard … Research Findings on the Emerging Contaminates from Clandestine Laboratories and the Impact on the Health and Environment of Regional Australian Communities Juliet L. Duffy, Kathy R. Woolley
Session : — W27 — Urban Redevelopment and Rehabilitation
W27a 276 How Much Will Your Remediation Project Really Cost? John Hunt, Ian Brookman, William Taggart
Download W27b 299 Revisiting Remediation — Evaluating Field and Laboratory Data to Assess the Success of a Historical Remediation Project Zoe Smith
W27c 293 Achieving the Successful Delivery of One of Sydney’s Largest Remediation Projects: Barangaroo Adam Fletcher
W27d 305 What’s Under the Tent? An Insight into the Remedial Operations of the Barangaroo Blocks 4 & 5 Remediation Project Dan O’Hanlon, Nigel Drought, Allan Garland
W27e 120 Elizabeth Quay Development, Perth WA: Case Study David Sim, Alan Foley, Carl Davies
W27f 224 Effective PFAS Rehabilitation of a Large Former Fire Training Facility Michael Rehfisch, Juan Riveros, Phoebe Hopkins
Session : — W41 — Plenary Session
Download W41a 527 Cleanup 2019 — The Unsession Paul Nathanail, Ravi Naidu, Prashant Srivastava