Workshop SA1.

Risk Based Standards Made Easy

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Presenter: Dr Atul Salhotra


Site Conceptual Model (SCM) is a very powerful tool that can be used to communicate site-specific conditions to various stakeholders and can form the basis of site-specific decisions related to the identification of data gaps, estimation of risk and risk based target levels. This course will present the methodology used to develop SCM, estimate risk and estimate risk based target levels.

Who should attend?

The workshop will be useful for all stakeholders involved in the assessment and a management of chemically impacted sites.  These include regulators, responsible parties, and service providers.  No previous background in risk assessment is required.  Geologists, engineers and environmental professions with a variety of educational backgrounds will benefit from this course.

Detailed Course Outline & Schedule

Time Topic Presenter



  • Introduction of the trainers and attendees
Dr. Atul Salhotra


Activities conducted at potentially contaminated sites and development of site conceptual model

  • Site Characterisation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk management
  • Elements of Site Conceptual Model
    • Source
    • Media
    • Receptor
  • Exposure Model
Dr. Atul Salhotra


Afternoon tea  



  • Estimation of dose
  • Quantitative Estimate of Toxicity
  • Estimation of Risk
Dr. Atul Salhotra



Estimation of risk based target levels

Dr. Atul Salhotra



  • Questions
Dr. Atul Salhotra
5:00pm Close