Workshop SM1.

Add a new angle to well drilling, or make it horizontal

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Presenters: Dan Ombalski, Anthony Doherty, Peter Storch, Craig Divine


Horizontal Remediation Wells provide a highly efficient way to cleanup soil and groundwater contamination. Since most contamination spreads more laterally than vertically, the geometry of horizontal wells allows greater amount communication with the zone of contamination. This can aid in helping many remediation techniques obtaining site cleanup faster. This workshop will introduce owners, consultants and regulators to the key aspects of horizontal well design so they will better understand how horizontal wells may be used at their sites.

Who should attend?

Who is this course is intended for?

  • environmental professionals including consultants
  • site managers
  • regulators
  • engineers
  • scientists

No prior experience necessary, come in and learn how HDD can be applied to your site’s environmental challenges.

Detailed Course Outline & Schedule

Time Topic Presenter

Introduction to HDD

  • What is HDD?
  • History
  • Overview of technology


Dan Ombalski

Site specific considerations and their effect on HDD design

  • Contaminant location (depth, size, surface infrastructure
  • Screen length and diameter
  • Entry setback
  • Equipment footprint
  • Navigation
  • Blind or double-ended
Dan Ombalski

Remediation Technologies and Horizontal Well Design

  • Characterisation
    • Soil sampling
    • Monitoring wells
    • Segmented wells
  • Injection Wells
    • Liquid
    • Gas
  • Extraction Wells
  • Other
    • Thermal Resistive Heating
    • HRx
  • Screen design
    • Single interval
    • Variable open area
    • Segmented wells
Dan Ombalski
10:30am Morning tea  

Expert Panel, Question and Answer

  • Site-specific case studies interspersed with time for questions and answers by the experts
  • Dan Ombalski
  • Anthony Doherty, Melbourne, AUS
  • Peter Storch Arcadis, AUS (Tentative)
  • Craig Divine Arcadis, USA (tentative)


12:30pm Lunch