Workshop SM2.

Almost everything you always wanted to know about ecological and human health risk assessment (but were afraid to ask)

Sunday, 8 September, 2019

Presenters: Dr. Jason Conder and Dr. Atul Salhotra


Risk assessment is used at contaminated sites to aid in the investigation, characterization, and management of the toxicological chemical risks to humans and ecological resources.  This 4-hour course will provide an overview of the risk assessment process, as well as detailed aspects such as risk assessment planning, data needs, risk assessment components, communication, and risk management.

Who should attend?

The workshop will be a valuable introduction to those who have no prior experience in risk assessment (i.e., no prior knowledge is necessary), and will be helpful to novice risk assessors with some initial experience as well as site/project managers that manage risk assessors.  Environmental professionals from government, industry, and consulting are the key audience for this workshop.


Detailed Course Outline & Schedule

Time Topic Presenter


(15 min)


  • Introduction to the trainers
  • Overview of the goals of the workshop
  • Attendees introduction and what they wish to gain from the workshop
Dr. Jason Conder and Dr. Atul Salhotra


(90 min)

Ecological Risk Assessment

  • Overview and goals of ecological risk assessment
  • Ecological risk regulatory framework in Australia
  • Ecological risk assessment, a practical step-by-step:
    • Formulating the scope/problem
    • Conceptual site models
    • Data needs and investigation
    • Data analysis and presentation
    • Screening assessment
    • Assessing exposures
    • Assessing effects
    • Advanced/additional investigations
    • Characterising and communicating risk
    • Helping manage risk (risk-based cleanup)
  • Key references and sources of information
  • Discussion
Dr. Jason Conder


(30 min)

Morning tea  


(90 min)

Human Health Risk Assessment

  • Data needs for risk assessment
  • Conceptual exposure model
  • Estimation of dose
  • Toxicity of chemicals
  • Estimation of risk: Forward mode
  • Estimation of target levels: Backward mode
Dr. Atul Salhotra


(15 min)


  • Additional time for discussion and questions
Dr. Jason Conder and Dr. Atul Salhotra
12:30pm Close